Become the Next Skrillex

You can get on your way to becoming the next Skrillex by producing your own dubstep beats and tracks. The new software DUBturbo 2.0 has made the learning curve very easy for almost anyone to start making their own beats in no time.

The big DAWs out there take a long time to even get started with let alone master. With DUBturbo you can be making awesome music in less than an hour.

Amazon Kindle Fire is Burning Up the Sales Charts

Kindle Fire is Burning Up the Sales Charts – If the numbers can be believed, pre-sales of the new Kindle Fire by Amazon would put it on track to outsell the iPad in first month sales.  And that is simply huge.  Competing brands have not been able to do anything as impresive.  The Kindle fire is the first entrant into the crowded tablet market to take a serious run at Apple’s dominance.  What makes it even more impressive is that iPad sales numbers are huge.  So to take a run at them right out of the gate is really, really impressive.  It begs the question of what will the Kindle Fire 2 be able to do someday?

Apple iPad 2 sales are of course still brisk.  But there are pleny of customers to go around, and the christmas sales season is right around the corner.  The Kindle Fire has generated a real buzz in the tablet world, and there is no going back.  It can be seen as a worthy iPad 2 competitor, a better alternative, or even an iPad 2 killer.  Call it what you will, but at $199 it’s burning up the charts.

Comparing the Apple iPad and the Kindle Fire:  Would you buy a Kindle Fire at $300 less than the Ipad 2?  The answer based sales seems to be an overwhelming yes.  So do your homework and make the best choice.

Here are some points to ponder:

1. The Kindle Fire is only $199 fully loaded.  Yes you read that right, $199.  If that doesn’t make you salivate, you are simply dead.  At $199, the iPad 2 is 2.5 times as expensive. (starting at $500)  Think about that, for every iPad 2, you could have 2.5 Kindle Fires.  2.5 freakin Kindles for every iPad2.  That’s not some lame 10% discount.  That’s you buy one, I’ll give you another, and a crisp $100 bill to go gambling or to the nudie bar with.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll take the 2 Kindle Fires and head to the nudie bar and get a private dance with my favorite dancer Porsche.

2. More content, more content, more content. Content is king. The iPad may be king of apps, but Kindle Fire lays it out cold when it comes to content.  The Kindle Fire will have access to 18+ million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, and books on Amazon’s world class content network.  Apple doesn’t publish how much content they have, but anecdotally it appears to be much less.  And you can rent and stream tens of thousands of movies and TV shows.  And it appears that Amazon’s content network is far from done growing.

3. Storage.  Apple fan boys will say that the iPad 2 has twice as much storage.  Well technically they are right.  But the Kindle Fire also gives you unlimited cloud storage on Amazon’s cloud server bank.  That’s right I said unlimited.  As in all you can eat.  Ad ti’s backed up and supported by Amazon’s world class network.  Drop your overpriced iPad 2 in a puddle and I’m going to laugh at you.  As in you’re a dumbass.  You just lost a $500 bill, and all your stored content.  I’ll loan you my Kindle Fire though cause I have a spare!  lol.

4. Apps.  Lets just say if you buy apps to keep track of the last time your bowels moved, you might like the iPad 2 better.  Yes they have apps for virtally everything.  But it’s a totalitarian closed system.  Amazon has a semi closed system where only the best of the Android apps will be there.  So you won’t have to sift through tons of useless and/or dangerous apps like the Android totally open system.  Hopefully it will be the best of both worlds.

5. Easy to hold.  At ten inches the iPad is bigger than the Kindle Fire.  But try and hold it in one hand.  The Kindle Fire is 30% lighter to boot.  So you really could hold it in one hand all day.

For $300 less, the Kindle Fire is a game changer.  The Kindle Fire goes on sale Nov. 15 for $199.

Furminator Pet Brush

Furminator pet brush is the hottest new gadget in the pet world. It makes keeping your house fur free as easy as pie. They have models of the furminator for cats, dogs, and small pets like gerbils.

See also – furminator large, furminator dog comb, cheap furminator, furminator dog, furminator for cats. Furminator is the must have pet accessory!

If you have furminator long-haired breed you will need to on furminator regular basis groom your canine – much less so for the brief or smooth coated breeds. Let’s search at the diverse sorts of dog grooming you may well have to do, in accordance to breed, and then appearance at how to go about bathing your dog.

Diverse breeds – unique coats

Smooth coated canines these kinds of as Boxers and Whippets are the least difficult to look immediately after when it comes to puppy grooming. Use furminator chamois, hound glove or furminator gentle bristle brush. All those that have furminator denser coat with an undercoat – this sort of as Labradors – want more grooming as they moult furminator ton much more – as anyone with furminator Lab will notify you! Use furminator bristle brush for them, and finish off with furminator comb having to pay particular attention to the tail and neck wherever the hair is thickest.

Handle wiry coated dogs in the identical way, but with these you will also need to have to have the lengthier hair ‘stripped’ the moment furminator month utilizing furminator stripping comb. You will also need to have to take these breeds – Wire-haired Dachshunds and Fox Terriers for illustration – to furminator skilled groomer about 3 or 4 moments furminator 12 months to have the coat minimized.

Some puppies have very long silky coats – Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese for example – and these will need special care. They have tiny protecting undercoat so you will need to be very delicate when grooming, especially as they need to have daily brushing and combing. Other breeds have prolonged but dense coats, these kinds of as Collies, and these just need two times weekly brushing with furminator pin-brush and combing with furminator wide-toothed comb. Excessive hair will need to have to be trimmed the moment furminator month. Golden Retrievers and other individuals with a lot less dense hair want much less grooming – weekly brushing and combing and furminator two times yearly trim for legs and between the toes.

Other breeds call for normal – usually weekly or even two times weekly – specialist trimming and clipping. Poodles and Bichon Frise for illustration need furminator good deal of grooming so you need to get your puppy accustomed to these typical journeys to the groomers from when he is furminator little pup. Until you are essentially trained to do this clipping really don’t attempt it on your own – depart it to the professionals.

Canine Grooming Instruments you May Need to have

Tools you may possibly will need for canine grooming long haired types involve:

An undercoat rake or lengthy toothed comb to eliminate unfastened hair de-tangling solution or conditioner furminator mat rake for dealing with individuals tangles furminator shedding device which is utilised for eradicating the delicate undercoat when the dog is moulting furminator slicker brush for offering furminator very good shine to the surface area coat.

Tools for limited haired coats:

Not so several for these! furminator small curry brush for shine and polish furminator short toothed comb for acquiring as furminator result of any tangles and eliminating unfastened hair furminator short bristle brush for getting rid of hair and stimulating the skin.

The fundamental methods for canine grooming are straightforward but can vary for specific breeds – so this is furminator normal overview.

HDTV Antenna

An proscan tv antenna is the ticket to receive totally free Hdtv reception over the air. If you’ve decided to purchase a Hdtv there is a low price option to having to pay cable or satellite companies month-to-month for Hdtv broadcasts, a straightforward Hdtv antenna hookup is all that is necessary. You can receive crystal obvious high definition nearby and network broadcasts. All you require is a ATSC tuner developed in your new Hdtv or a exterior High definition tuner connected to your Hdtv to commence obtaining totally free Hdtv over the air. If you presently personal a excellent VHF/UHF antenna for indoors or out doors you may possibly be in a position to use it. Digital tv utilizes the exact same antenna as analog tv, producers have just labeled them High definition to consider advantage of the Hdtv buzz.

Video on hdtv

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Inexpensive Area Rugs

Many would feel that purchasing inexpensive square area rugs would suggest purchasing rugs of very poor top quality. But this idea can be abolished as there are many suppliers who take significantly treatment to provide their clients with top quality as nicely as cheap rugs to match everyone’s spending budget and wants.

Video on area rugs

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Personal Injury Law Firms

Personal Injury counsel is an important selection if you’re in an accident and need compensation for lost work, medical bills, pain and suffering. The best way to find a competent Personal Injury Lawyer in your area is to ask around. Friends and family will be glad to offer their opinions, whether good or bad, on their experience or experiences they have heard about.

After you get advice from friends and family it’s time to check them out online. There are a few lawyer review and ratings sites but the ones I recommend are avvo and martindale.

Avvo was created a few years ago by a couple of attorneys. They were met with some legal battles but quickly overcame them and now provide one of the best legal referral sites on the internet.


martindale is probably the oldest lawyer referral site. They are more of a directory of lawyers that you can browse and are peer reviewed. If another lawyer likes them then you can almost be assured that they are good.


There are a few other review and rating sites out there but they dont have any stipulations about who is reviewing the attorney.  That means that other attorneys can leave negative reviews and ratings to bolster themselves or belittle their competition. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, so stick with the two sites mentioned and you will be fine.